At TIGNUM, we understand that catalysing human performance requires knowledge, skill, and innovation. This is why we are always searching for new ways to better evaluate and comprehend our clients‘ needs and desires. We are continually testing and developing new strategies and solutions to help our clients enhance and sustain their high performance. Through collaboration with leading thinkers, scientists, educational institutions, innovators, and vendors, we stay on the cutting edge of what works. We are proud to work with our elite team of partners:


EXOS/Athletes’ Performance (Phoenix, Arizona), the world leader in integrated performance training for elite athletes, is a founding partner and shareholder of TIGNUM.

McLaren // Applied Technology

With the technology arm of the Formula 1 racing team, MAT researches human telemetry with the goal to build new performance services and tools.


i-generator is an international innovation laboratory that specializes in functional systems and product concepts to improve human performance.